SHIO RAMEN (USA) Shop Name Shio Ramen Address 3605 Broadway Kansas City, MO 64111, USA Site Address I had began my quest of learning how to make ramen by way of cook books, and any info I could find. I was hard pressed to find stuff 8 years ago. David Chang’s Momofuku cook book was the first big break I got for recipes and what ramen truly was. Then I found Ivan Orkin’s book. Another huge break through of knowledge and passion about ramen. It was in his book where I learned about the Yamato Noodle School and Yamato noodle machines. I took to google, and I can’t really remember how or where but eventually I was in contact with team Yamato. At that point I was using an Italian table top hand crank pasta machine. I would have to make my dough so wet to get it work. Anyways, Yamato invited me to the workshop in L.A. which I jumped on and even came back for a second visit to see the machine and the opportunity to meet Mr. Fujii. What I learned in these classes was GROUNDBREAKING for me. The science, the ratios, the different types of ramen noodles, the history. It was a giant turning point in my pursuit of opening my own ramen shop. Now, […]


IPPINN UDON (USA) Shop Name Ippinn Udon Address 1880 Mendocino Ave Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Site Address Despite barely speaking any English let alone Japanese, “IPPIN UDON” owner Yu Shu Teng participated in YAMATO Udon making School, and after returning to the US made up his mind to buy a YAMATO-made noodle machine, and open his own UDON restaurant….What happened next? In less than one year his restaurant has been chosen as the NUMBER ONE eating outlet in his area, and featured in food TV-shows! In less than one year! contact us now!


RAMENCADO (Germany) Shop Name Ramencado Address 1Färberstraße 42, 90402 Nürnberg, Bayern, Deutschland Site Address RAMENCADO owner has graduated from Yamato Noodle School in Singapore, where he learned how to make and cook a wide variety of ramen noodles and soups. Back to his native Germany, he now proudly offers his customers such staples of ramen cuisine as miso, tonkotsu, shio, as well as many different types of ramen dishes he developed and perfected himself. contact us now!

RAMEN TO BíIRU (Denmark)

RAMEN TO BíIRU (Denmark) Shop Name RAMEN TO BíIRU Address Enghavevej 58, 1674 København V, Denmark Site Address Hello, friends. Hej! Konnichi wa! We are “Ramen to Bíiru” from Copenhagen, Denmark. “Ramen to Bíiru” began as a collaboration project between a craft beer producer Mikkeller and a Japanese restaurant Bento. It’s a cosy and welcoming place where you can enjoy both ramen noodles made by our trusted Japanese chef, and a globally renowned Danish craft beer. As of July 2018, patrons of our restaurant can choose from 14 different kinds of ramen, with the miso-base one being in highest demand. In “Ramen to Bíiru” we self-produce noodles on a Yamato-made LM10062ICE type machine using locally sourced flour. When we just started our project we had no prior experience in noodle-making, but team Yamato’s earnest efforts to help us with basic recipes and teaching materials in English, and prompt answers to our email questions convinced us we can work with them. At first, we did have our share of anxiety about relying on a company half a globe away, but in hindsight, we are happy to have chosen Yamato products and services. Our multinational staff can vouch that noodle-making machines from Yamato are the easiest to use, and yet the most reliable, allowing us to make about 400 servings a […]

巌窟王 (China)

巌窟王 (CHINA) Shop Name 巌窟王(GANKUTSUOU) Address 芙蓉中路一段416号泊富国际广场city商业街一层1062号 The owner of GANKUTSUOU, a highly popular ramen restaurant on Hokkaido, has succeeded in expanding his business outreach to China, opening 3 outlets in Changsha where, in addition to ramen noodles, patrons can enjoy a great variety of exquisitely prepared appetizers. To owner’s surprise, the machine he bought for the first restaurant had enough capacity to produce noodles for two more! DURABLE, RELIABLE, PRODUCTIVE – just as what you would expect from a noodle machine made by YAMATO! contact us now!


IMASUKE (HONG KONG) Shop Name IMASUKE Address 沙田新城市廣場第1期7樓708號店 Site Address How to solve your noodle quality issue: get a comprehensive support from Yamato. Our story We first visited Yamato before our opening when we decided on buying a noodle-making machine. We tasted the noodles made by a specially assigned staff member, and they were Marvelous! However, when upon getting back to Hong Kong we tried to replicate that taste on our own machine, things did not work out the way we expected. So, we went back to Yamato, checked our process, and indeed found a reason the noodles we were making did not come as good as the ones we tried at Yamato. Expertise support is priceless In hindsight, what was really good about our decision to choose Yamato’s machine (hardware) was the ‘software’ assistance we received alongside – and here we are talking not only about how to produce noodles of good quality, but about such things as noodle food service industry know-hows and management acumen. You’d think that aside from technical warranty liabilities, the seller would no longer feel any attachment nor responsibility to the customer once the equipment was shipped and delivered, but Yamato did really help us out a lot with information and knowledge – which are so important when you do business abroad. To […]


SOBO RAMEN (USA) Shop Name SOBO RAMEN Address 988 Franklin Street #186, Oakland, CA 94607 Site Address Sobo Ramen is a fusion (Japanese-Inspired) ramen shop first opened in 2012. We are very proud that our ingredients are sourced from our local farmers. Our organic bones are from Llano Seco in Chico, the pork from Coleman Natural, and the chicken and bones are from Petaluma Poultry in Petaluma. Our organic produces are from Avila’s Farms in Hollister, eggs are cage free organic from GV Poultry in Ripon, and our noodles are custom-made in the Bay Area. Every ingredient is uniquely paired with each soup. Sobo Ramen also currently offers a vegan and a gluten free options, we have something for everyone. contact us now!


U:DON Shop Name U:DON Address 4515 University Way Northeast Seattle, WA 98105 U.S.A. Site Address Serving authentic udon noodles in the heart of America At the beginning I was thinking of opening a ramen shop in my native America. But during my trip to Japan I came across a famous self-service udon restaurant, and it just dawned on me – that must be IT! I asked what equipment they used – and that’s how I learned about Yamato. Then I made my mind to join their Udon School. You know, we, Americans, love to look at how masters of their trade work and do their job, so I thought that a self-service udon restaurant would be a sure success in the US, and I really got passionate about bringing American customers real authentic udon just like the one you’d have in Japan. After graduating from Yamato Udon School I opened my own shop in Seattle, where I am focusing on quality, and though slowly as it might be I am getting more and more customers, and earning more and more of their support. It is a place with many students around, and I try to ensure my products offer my patrons something of real value. contact us now!