Yamato noodle making machine and equipment

Noodle Machines

Noodle making machine and anything else needed for authentic Japanese noodles


We at Yamato MFG, offer everything you need to be able to make and serve authentic Japanese noodles, ramen, udon, soba, and more. If you provide details of your project, we can make a proposal that is suitable.

Primary types of noodles we help you master



Ramen has been becoming the post popular Japanese food after sushi. And, it is not just traditional ramen dishes once imagined, but it’s been spreading to more of entirely new experiences of Japanese noodles. We help our clients become ultimate masters of noodle making in this exciting world with our machine, know-hows, trainings, and anything else needed.  
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Hakata Tonkotsu ramen noodle soup



This thick, chewy, soft noodle has been the most popular noodle across all generations in Japan. Many of the udon dishes are simple in taste but give great sensation with distinctive texture of noodle. And, there are many restaurants serving udon noodles around the world, but only a very few of them serve authentic udon noodles. We provide everything needed to be able to serve authentic udon noodles.
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authentic udon dish - kama age with egg yolk on top



Soba noodle has a long history in Japanese noodle culture. Because the noodle consists of buckwheat flour, which is hard to form noodle by itself, much of what’s served in the world are mix of wheat flour or other ingredients used to join buckwheat flour. 100% buckwheat flour noodle, called “Juwari Soba” is considered premium for its strong aroma of buckwheat and difficulty of making. We provide everything for our clients to be able to serve all kinds of soba noodles.
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traditional zaru soba dish or cold soba with dip sauce






What we do to ensure our clients are noodle masters

Digital Cooking for thriving noodle restaurants

Yamato Noodle Making Method is based on precise numbers. Without complete reliance on experiences, hunch, or feelings, our methods are based on what we call, “digital cooking”. Because recipes and processes are all controlled by numbers, anyone can recreate the same quality over and over with consistency. This concept is evident and consistent in our school, training, and recipes.


Using the right flour, water, and other raw materials are essential in making great noodle. Especially, flour plays a big role in constructing texture, taste, and appearance of finishes noodles. We help our clients find proper ingredients available in their locations.



It is critical to develop recipes of noodles that are daily made and served. The recipes allow you to make and serve great noodles at the same quality with consistency over and over again. Our experts with over 1,000 noodle recipes in database help you develop your original noodle with ingredients available locally.

noodles made with various ingredients

Equipment (certified for International safety standards)

Some of our machines have been certified for UL, NSF, CSA, and CE marking. Having food processing machines certified for these standards would be required when using them in some countries and/or certain regions. Our machines are ready to make great noodles in these places. Ask us if using machine in your location requires these standards first.
What is UL, NSF, CSA standards for noodle making machine?

UL, NSF, CSA compliant machines (for North American markets) are making authentic noodles