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Noodle Machines

Ramen Machine

Richmen, ramen noodle machine is the most versatile of all Yamato Noodle Machines. It is capable of producing all kinds of noodles to the top quality. This machine is good at making noodles that are low in water content, which makes noodle texture hard. This machine can make a variety of ramen noodles, such as Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen noodles as well as gyoza/dumpling/wonton skins.

Udon Machine

Shinuchi, udon noodle machine is good at making noodles that are high in water content, which tends to make noodle textures soft and chewy. With the mechanics of machines, noodle making methods, and proper ingredients, the machine can make udon noodles of the best texture (large in noodle size but soft and elastic).

Soba Machine

BandoTaro, soba noodle machine is similar to udon machine but capable of making 100% buckwheat/soba noodles. Mixer, roller, and cutter components are especially designed to produce authentic Japanese soba noodles high in water content. This machine is recommended for production of authentic soba noodles that are high ratio of buckwheat flour mix (over 70% buckwheat mix).

We're here to support

Support - Anything You May Need

We help our customers in many ways to make sure that all our customers are noodle masters and able to produce and offer the best noodles in their markets. The following are a few of what we provide to our customers.

1. Stable supplies of proper ingredients (reliable suppliers of flour, other ingredients. We also test the ingredients (especially flour) to see if the ingredients you find locally are good for the type(s) of noodles you want to produce.


2. Efficient floor plan for your restaurant – we need measurements of the location and menu items to help draw a plan.


3. Noodle recipes we provide recipe(s) for the type(s) of noodles you want to produce from our database or help develop original recipes, using ingredients locally available.


4. Anything else it takes and we can do to make our customers noodle masters!