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Even Seasoned Experts Feel Compelled By the Machine

Unlike Udon and Ramen noodles, Soba is made with buckwheat flour.Because of the dough’s lower viscosity,the process of forming it and rolling it out into the desired thickness is much more difficult. For this reason, it was long thought that 100% pure buckwheat soba noodles could only be made by hand, and only by an experienced specialist.

Based on the know-how and technology accumulated through the development of the Shin-Uchi series noodle-making machines, Yamato now makes it possible for non-experts to create high-quality pure buckwheat noodles. A built-in vertical mixer, flat board press, and vertical-blade cutter are just some of the fantastic features of Yamato’s Soba noodle-making machines. The wind-up roll and dough feeder work together to automate the otherwise-cumbersome roll-out process. Plus, you can readily control the width between cutting blades within a range of 0.4 mm to 8 mm.


Yamato’s soba-making machine consistently produces pure buckwheat noodles as good as those made by the hands of seasoned experts. A few soba professionals, after tasting soba made by our machine, commented that they felt compelled buy the machine.

Here's why soba-making Bandotaro is an excellent addition to any noodle shop or restaurant:

♦ Consistently produces high-quality noodle
♦ Requires no noodle-making expertise or experience
♦ Boosts productivity (100 portions or more per hour)
♦ Has small footprint for easy in-store installation
♦ Protects operator from injury with auto-shutoff safety device
♦ Is made of stainless steel for hygiene and ease of cleaning

Funcitonality & Features

BandoTaro, soba noodle machine is similar to udon machine but capable of making 100% buckwheat/soba noodles.
Mixer, roller, and cutter components are especially designed to produce authentic Japanese soba noodles high in water content.
This machine is recommended for production of authentic soba noodles that are high ratio of buckwheat flour mix (over 70% buckwheat mix).

Noodle Thickness Display
Measures and displays thickness of dough being thinned in rolling process. It allows the user to check it for the right thickness with a glance at the display. It measures up to 0.1 mm of thickness.
Soba Cutter
Imitating how soba noodles are cut by artisans, it makes sharply cut edges by sliding the cutter knife from back to front at 30 degrees angle.
Twelve Gear Shift Roller
The gap between 2 rollers are adjusted by the shift handle, starting from the thickest to thinnest. It enables gradual thinning of dough not to damage dough texture.
Soba Mixer
8kg mixer creates agitation granulation to optimize mixing of ingredients, buckwheat flour and water. It forms dough that’s evenly hydrated. Speed of mixing rotation can be controlled. The mixing bowl is detachable for easy cleaning.

Soba Machine Specifications

BANDOTARO / MXA884AS (All-in-one Model)

Output (servings/hour): approx. 200 | Mixer & Press Capacity: 8kg (flour) | Outer dimension: W:1190 x H:1420 x D:930 mm | Weight: approx. 530kg | Power supply: 100V / 1.59 kW single phase | UL763,NSF/ANSI8,CSA Certified

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BANDOTARO / MXB584 (All-in-one Model)

Output (servings/hour): approx. 200 | Mixer & Press Capacity: 5kg (flour) | Outer dimension: W:1190 x H:1386 x D:930 mm | Weight: approx. 520kg | Power supply: 100V / 1.44 kW single phase


BANDOTARO / RC800B (No Mixer & No Press)

Output (servings/hour): approx. 200 | Outer dimension: W:1190 x H:1386 x D:930 mm | Weight: approx. 520kg | Power supply: 100V / 1.44 kW single phase | UL,NSF,CSA Certified