Official Interpreter – Yamato Manufacturing

Official Interpreter

All Yamato Noodle School courses in Japan are taught in Japanese.
However, for anyone who does not understand Japanese but is eager to learn authentic
Japanese noodles, there is nothing to worry about. We are proud to have an official
interpreter that has provided exceptional interpretation for many students
over the past few years. With his experience and knowledge in what’s taught at
the school, he makes learning experiences at Yamato Noodle School great for english-speaking students.
His superb quality of interpretation and services are evident in the words of the
graduates who had his service.


Official interpreter of Yamato Noodle School: Mr. Teppei Yamashita,
CEO at English Studio T-Star


Yamato Noodle School’s appointed official interpreter

Teppei Yamashita (English Studio T-Star)




“Always learn from the best! – The way to succeed in the Noodle business”

It has been a great honour to work with Yamato mfg. and its noodle school students from all over the world. The Yamato noodle school is more
than just a culinary school. It provides an unforgettable experience and an education that you will treasure for rest of your life.


Having lived abroad for over 14 years myself, I know it is a true commitment for foreign attendees when they come not only to
Japan’ s capital, but all this way to Utazu, Kagawa prefecture!


And Yamato gives what people expect, and much more.


Although a noodle restaurant may seem like a simple way to start a business, there are many pitfalls.


As it is a fact that around 3000 Udon and Soba shops (4000 Ramen shops) open every year in Japan, but almost the same number go out of
business annually.

We all know the simplest thing is often the hardest to perfect. And Yamato, being in this business for over 40 years working as the “originator”
to so many successful noodle specialized restaurants, can give you just that, “perfection”.


From the quality of the noodles, to how a simple manipulation of flour can create the best taste.


Stock, selection of fresh ingredients and how to treat them with care to get the wholesome flavor that nature offers.


And how to combine them all with up-to-date and modern plating skills to complete the magic.


Beyond that, Yamato’s president, Mr. Fujii lectures us on business management skills, which are derived from his long history in the business as
well as many international business moguls’ and entrepreneurs’ ideas and approach to success.


So in this harsh business of restaurant management, you will feel more at ease, benefitting from his experience and skills backing you up.


I will be with you at every step of your way to ensure that all the lessons will be fully understood. Many ideas may be very foreign to students from the overseas, but I understand these cultural differences and can help you bridge the gap.


Hope we can meet soon and let us help you embark on this great noodle journey!


"Learning to make Ramen is a very intricate process, there are many steps and concepts that we must understand. I am thankful to have had Teppei-san as my guide and translator, he is a very personable, hardworking individual.

Yamato has a great training regiment, you have to work on different sections on different days, it could easily become overwhelming, but with Teppei-san I could keep up with the natural flow of the classroom without having to stop for us to catch up. I felt comfortable and confident there was never any feeling of disconnect. I didn't just gain a great learning experience, I gained a good friend.”

-- Jonathan Panyavong (Canada)
"I came to Utazu to learn how to produce Udon dishes. As I have no background in this, it is very crucial for me to understand every single instruction and information during the course. I am glad that I can cooperate with Yamashita san. With his presence I was able to absorb all information presented by Sensei. As he graduated from London, no surprise that he can pronounce English very clear. I had no single obstacle when I communicate with Yamashita san. He was always by my side (even at lunch!!) just to make sure I can understand my surroundings. Such a professional and nice person. I really recommend to use his services."

-- Lediah Purnama (Indonesia)
"Teppei-san was my interpreter for a full week at the Yamato Ramen School in September 2015. As someone without any Japanese, I had to rely on him entirely, and I thought he was absolutely fantastic. Not only did he interpret everything that was said to us by our instructors into perfect English, he also translated any questions I had into Japanese. With his help, I was able to follow and understand everything we were being taught, and feel like I was getting as much out of the course as the Japanese students were. I could not have done the course without him. On top of the excellent professional services he provided, I also found him a pleasure to work with, and his easy-going and approachable nature, was the icing on the cake."

-- Peter Neary (Ireland)
“My journey in Yamato was a really unique experience. None of this could be possible without Teppei-san as our translator. He is really professional, patient and funny. More than a translator, he was an extra Ramen Sensei watching our back to not let us screw up during the noodle and soup making process. I definitely recommend his services!”

-- Juan Fu (Panama)
“Taking the Ramen class with Teppei san as my interpreter has been a great experience. He helped me a lot, not only in the class, but even when I came back to Japan, he still helped me whenever I needed. I will give him 1000+likes.”

-- Dong Li (California USA)
“Mr. Yamashita is a great guy! His presence during the school classes was very helpful. His language and communication skills are really top notch and his profound knowledge of Ramen are very important for understanding the soul of Ramen.”

-- Igor Kuznetsov (Karma Ramen -Austria)
"My experience at Yamato Ramen school was definitely enhanced by Teppei! Teppei is not only very knowledgeable in translation, but a very warm and genuine person that you would be quick to call friend".

-- Louis Kao (Noodle Theory and Noodle Theory Provisions -California USA)
“I was nervous but Teppei san made me feel comfortable, welcoming, and was very accommodating. Took time to translate the provided book information and guided me through the entire process. I would highly recommend his services.”

-- Jennifer Nguyen (Washington USA)
“Teppei is exceptionally talented at his profession because he interprets, not only the words, but also the cultural and social aspects of the course. He provides interpretation and translation seamlessly in a manner that does not disrupt the flow of the class and makes his student feel comfortable. He understands both the Japanese and Western perspectives better than anyone I have ever encountered. That ability was very helpful and valuable to me throughout the course because he made me feel comfortable in a new and different environment. As a result, I was able to fully immerse myself in the course and learn as much, if not more, than the Japanese-speaking students. I am so grateful that Teppei was available to interpret the course for me. He is an asset to the Yamato Noodle School and its students.”  
-- Nicole Cusack (Alaska USA)