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Yamato Noodle School Schedule

Below is our event schedule for 2017

 DurationPeriodLocationStatusFee (Including Tax)
Ramen7 daysJul 29th - Aug 4thTokyo/JapanFULL¥432,704
5 daysAug 14th - 18thSingaporeFULLSGD 5,350
5 daysSep 4th - 8thSingaporeFULLSGD 5,350
7 daysSep 30th - Oct 6thKagawa/JapanAvailable¥432,704
5 daysOct 8th - 12thSingaporeAvailableSGD 5,350
7 daysOct 14th - 20thTokyo/ JapanAvailable¥432,704
5 daysNov 13th - 17thSingaporeAvailableSGD 5,350
Udon3 daysSep 11th - 13thSingaporeAvailableSGD 2,675
6 daysSep 26th - Oct 1stKagawa/JapanAvailable¥173,856
6 daysOct 10th - 15thTokyo/JapanAvailable¥173,856
3 daysNov 8th - 10thSingaporeAvailableSGD 2,675
Soba6 daysSep 12th - 17thTokyo/JapanAvailable¥173,856


  • School schedules / fees are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Additional expenses apply for mandatory textbooks.
  • All classes are taught in English in Singapore. All classes are taught in Japanese in Japan.
  • For classes in Japan, an interpreter is mandatory if Japanese isn’t your language. Upon prior request we may be able to assign a professional interpreter for additional fees (fees vary in location/course) subject to availability. Otherwise you can assign a professional interpreter at your expense. Anyone related to you isn’t accepted as an interpreter unless he/she is attending as a full fee student (e.g. friend / family member / work staff). Please contact us for more information on interpreter.


For more information, contact Yamato Noodle School