Special Ramen Event in Germany

Feb. 12th [Tues] - 14th[Thur]

From attending this event,
you can expect to...

  • Try the quality of noodles freshly made in-house, and learn how to make them yourself!
  • Study and experience how a great variety of authentic ramen noodles is made from scratch
  • And, much more…!

He knows everything about RAMEN
hef Jason is a proprietor of his own ramen restaurant, and has been kept abreast of the latest techniques and know-hows in ramen industry.  He also serves as an instructor of Yamato noodle school in Singapore.

He has provided consulting services to numerous ramen and udon restaurants in many parts of the world, and developed a great knowledge and experience in noodle making, soup preparation techniques, etc….

He will share his deep expertise, based on actual experience and teaching career.

Japanese Ramen, Udon, & Soba Noodle Making!

10:00Introduction to Ramen, Udon & Soba cuisine
10:30Noodle making lecture & workshop

explaining all the ingredients and processes of noodle making and using a noodle machine, LM10062ICE to make ramen, udon and soba noodles

15:30FAQ session

*Schedules may be subject to change

Feb. 12th [Tues.]
and Feb. 14th [Thr.]

In one day, you can learn all basics of ramen, udon, and soba noodles and their restaurant businesses
Making fresh ramen noodles from scratch
And much more

Attendance fee: EUR120 / person
Number of vacancies is limited

Soup & Topping Making!

10:00Ramen soup structure lecture
We teach the structure of ramen dishes
10:30Practical cooking session
Making clear chicken stock & vegan stock, pork belly char siu, flavored eggs and flavored oils
13:00Lunch break
Serving traditional Shoyu Ramen
14:00Making a vegan Miso ramen
15:30FAQ session

*Schedules may be subject to change

Feb. 13th [Wed.]

Attendance fee:
EUR120 / person

If you attend both 1-day noodle making class and soup making class...
Option 1 : 12th and 13th of Feb
Option 2 : 13th and 14th of Feb
*Attendance fee – EUR180 / person

you can experience
The most advanced & versatile ramen noodle making machine

LM10062ICE [CE certified]
An all-in-one noodle making machine capable of making 100 servings per hour (with a recommended max. daily production volume of 500 servings).  It can also produce a variety of other noodles, skins (gyoza, wanton, etc.), and other dough products you can only imagine!

Books available for purchase at this event

Management book
for noodle
Written by
Mr. Kaoru Fujii

EUR 17

Ultimate Ramen
Science based
innovative noodle Making technologies

EUR 32

Nobody wants to share
Book of secrets on Ramen Soup by Yamato


How to register for the class
1. Submit your information from the form
2. Receive a registration email from Yamato MFG.
You’ll receive an email with instructions for attendance fee payment.
(credit card payment via PayPal or other option you may prefer.)
3. Make payment and get a confirmation email
After the payment has been confirmed, we will send you a confirmation email and attendance guidelines.
Then, your registration is complete!

 Sign up and secure your seat by submitting the form below

Available dates:
Feb. 12th [Tue.] - Feb. 14th [Thu.]
*Please choose a date and session you want to attend.
(For example, fill the box with "Feb. 14th")

Location: Berck-sur-Mer-Str. 9 53604 Bad Honnef
at our distributor: Perfect Ramen

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