Yamato MFG is the only company in the world
that truly helps you succeed in Noodle business

Kaoru Fujii is the founder of Yamato MFG and also the Head of Yamato Noodle school.

He has worked with a great number of restaurant owners and professionals to develop a definitive formula for building thriving businesses in the noodle-making food-service industry.

Having started his career as an aircraft engineer,
he then dedicated his ingenuity and expertise to the world of Japanese noodles, committing his passion to a life-long journey of developing and perfecting equipment, recipes and business management know-hows not only to produce the best noodles in the world but to turn it into a commercially successful enterprise as well.

If you love noodles, if you want to succeed, if your determination knows no limits Kaoru Fujii is your best friend, and Yamato MFG is your most reliable partner.


Kaoru Fujii is:


- a pioneering innovator and a leading expert in designing and building noodle-making machines


- an expert in noodle production, noodle quality control, texture, taste and plating techniques and methods


- a preeminent noodle cuisine sommelier, a foremost authority on soup stock and toppings


- a renowned specialist in noodle restaurant business management