Koie Ramen (Oslo, Norway)

koie ramen oslo

Koie Ramen (Oslo/Norway)

(Graduate of Yamato Ramen School and ramen noodles machine user)
Shop NameKoie Ramen
AddressOsterhaus' gate 13, 0183 Oslo, Norway
Site AddressKoie Ramen Official Website

Yamato have felt like my business partners in Koie ever since they convinced me that there was no point opening a ramen restaurant and serving expensive frozen noodles of dubious quality made by somebody else.

koie ramen oslo norway
Chef Jason came to Oslo to visit his shop with his wife. Left Jason, middle Mr. Homer

They sent me on a course in Singapore where the marvellous Jason not only taught me how to use their noodle machine, he also taught me how to make all the other ingredients that go into a bowl of ramen and how to manage a ramen restaurant (he also sent me to all the best places to eat in Singapore).

koie ramen oslo norway

Next was finding the right location and space for my ramen shop. That took over 2 years of just missing places or looking at terrible ones. Then I found where I am at now - a place with an incredibly interesting architecture and atmosphere. To me it felt like an alley. It needed a ton of work and cleaning but we managed to build what I think is a beautiful shop.

koie Ramen oslo norway

While I was designing the restaurant, I sent Yamato a drawing of the location and they provided me with detailed plans for the best way to lay out my kitchen and restaurant.

koie ramen oslo norway

To cap it off after we opened Mr Fuji himself came all the way from Japan to my little ramen restaurant in Norway to check the machine was in good working order and that the ramen I was making was up to scratch. Yamato is a company quite unlike I have ever encountered and I am delighted to have one of their machines and all the added extras that came with it.
Tim Homer
Koie Head Chef / Owner / Yamato Enthusiast