Yamato Noodle Machine

Noodle master dedicated
for your restaurant

ramen noodle machine Richmen 1
Richmen 1 - Noodle Making Machine

Are you looking to make and serve authentic Japanese or
other types of noodles for your restaurant or business?
Do you want to serve the very best fresh noodles in your markets?

We can make you a noodle master in no time.
Yamato Noodle Machine helps you make superb noodles with consistency in quality.
It makes anyone a noodle master with ease of use, simple operation, and Yamato noodle making methods.
With over 40 years of experiences in supporting noodle restaurants, professionals,
and businesses, we are here to help you to succeed with your own craft noodles.

Production of Craft noodles is no longer a job 
of an expert

With Yamato noodle machine, craft noodles are something you can create from scratch. Like everything else you make at your restaurant, soup, toppings, side dishes, etc. you can now make your noodles superb, unique, and good. Because you make your noodles yourself, you can control what's in them, and their quality. Your restaurant and business stand out with your craft noodles.
With a little training and Yamato noodle recipes, anyone can start making great noodles as well as a noodle making expert.

making ramen noodles on a ramen noodle machine

Make Your Noodles Much Better

With Yamato noodle machine, craft noodles are something you can create from scratch. Like everything else you make at your restaurant, soup, toppings, side dishes, etc. you can now make your noodles superb, unique, and good. Because you make your noodles yourself, you can control what's in them, and their quality. Your restaurant and business stand out with your craft noodles.

Our Machines are making superb noodles 
around the world

A growing number of customers have been using Yamato noodle machines to make great noodes. Different countries and places give us more challenges. Yet, we love to see our machines entering into a new country, city, and market. We have learned different taste preferences for noodles in different countries. All these differences we've learned and accumulated help our customers make their noodles even better. And, better noodles bring higher chance of success in our customers' businesses.

noodle machines used around the world

Over 500 Units of Yamato Noodle Machines have been installed and making noodles in over 50 countries. (As of March 2019)

We keep our customers' machines up and running 

365 days a year, Maintenance/Service Dept.
Because broken machine means lost sales and/or profit to our customers, we operate the dept. 
365 days a year and respond to our customers in the shortest amount of time possible. When we receive a call from a customer with a machine trouble, we diagnose and fix the problem. By remote means of communication, such as Skype, Whatsapp, WeChat, phone, email, etc., we find the cause. Most of the times, we fix it remotely. And, if the problem requires some technician to be there, we will dispatch. Feel Free to contact us for further question.

udon machine cutting function

udon machine cutting noodles

We manufacture and deliver Yamato noodle machines, one by one.

We manufacture our machines to order. We adjust them to customers' specifications. (noodle specs, sizes, etc.) We pack and ship a noodle machine to a customer's request. (sometimes door-to-door to a customer's address, etc., this is up to a customer's request. And, it is also up to our limitation to how far we can arrange shipping to a country.)
​Please feel free to contact us for a quotation and shipping estimation to your country.

noodle machine factory

We make sure all our customers make and serve superb noodles

Delivery of noodle machines is only half job done for us. If our customers are not making nor serving noodles much better than factory noodles, we are not done yet.
After delivery, we help set up the machine and train the customer how to use and maintain it in proper ways. We also provide what's necessary to make sure noodles our customers make and serve are great. It may be noodle recipes for the type(s) of noodles they want to make. Or, they may need some training. Supplier information of ingredients for their noodles. Whatever it is, we have expertise to help our customers.

soba noodles

What Craft Noodles Do You Want To Make?

Different types of noodles have different properties. We design our machines to produce noodles with particular properties (texture, size, color, etc.). Ramen noodles, which tend to be hard and thin. Udon noodles that are usually thick, soft, and chewy. Soba noodles, which are typically thin and made of buckwheat flours.
Each type of our machines is capable of producing a variety of noodles. For example, our ramen noodle machine can make not only various types of ramen noodles but also udon and soba noodles with some limitations.

To make your craft noodles with ideal quality, please check each machine in details or consult with us

Richmen 1 - ramen noodle machine

Richmen, ramen noodle machine is the most versatile of all Yamato Noodle Machines. It is capable of producing all types of noodles of the highest quality. This machine is good at making noodles that are low in water content, which makes noodle texture firm and hard. It can make a variety of fresh ramen noodles, such as Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen noodles or Tsukemen noodles as well as gyoza/dumpling/wonton skins. It can be a Ramen maker of choice for a Japanese noodle restaurant or a Small-Mid size noodle factory.

udon machine

Shinuchi Udon noodle machine is good for making noodles that are high in water content, which tends to make noodle texture soft and chewy. With proper noodle making methods and right ingredients this machine can make authentic Udon noodles of best texture and quality (large in size but soft and elastic, such as Sanuki Udon). This all-in-one Udon-making machine would be the best choice for your Udon restaurant. 

soba noodle machine

Bando Taro Soba noodle machine is similar to the Udon-making machine but is also capable of making 100% buckwheat/Soba noodles (aka "Juwari"). Mixer, roller, and cutter components are specifically designed to produce authentic Japanese Soba noodles high in water content. This machine is recommended for production of authentic Soba noodles with high ratio of buckwheat flour in the mix (over 70%). If you need a gluten-free option for your noodle shop or a Japanese restaurant - Soba buckwheat noodles produced on this machine would be a perfect choice.

We're here to support your noodle business

Our Support - Anything You May Need to achieve success in Noodle business!


1. Advice and counseling on choosing and finding proper ingredients and suppliers.
Testing and analyzing ingredients (especially, flour) to determine if what is available locally can be used for the type(s) of noodles you want to produce.

2. Efficient floor plan for your noodle restaurant – give us measurements of your location and menu items to help us draw a plan.

3. Noodle recipes - we provide recipe(s) for the type(s) of noodles you want to produce from our database or help develop original recipes precisely tailored to your needs, using ingredients locally available.

4. Anything else it takes, and anything in our power to make our customers Top noodle masters!