Richmen Series Ramen Noodle Machines - Lineup

Further Information

Maximum Efficiency - Minimum Space

ModelLM 10062I
External Dimensions (cm)W: 1,110 × D: 643 × H: 1,320
Maximum Power ConsumptionJapanese model: 100V / 0.84kW
North American model: 115V / 0.88kW
European model: 230V / 0.88kW
Weightapprox. 270kg
Mixer Capacity10kg (of flour)
Press Roller Width210mm
Press Roller Diameter163mm
Portions per Hourabout 100

Small-Scale Model – LM 10062I

Richmen Type Ⅰ +10kg Mixer

approx. 100 portions/hour

Our users asked - we made it into reality! Compact and Efficient - more performance, less space!

With a built-in 10 kg mixer, the model has enough capacity to produce up to 100 portions per hour. RICHMEN type I - outstanding productivity - compact size.

・Standard household power supply
・Compliant with various worldwide safety standards, permission to use in 30 countries (CE, NSF/ANSI8, CSA, UL763 certified).

High productivity. Streamlined usability.

ModelLS 082I
External Dimensions (cm)W: 1,324 × D: 758 × H: 1,350
Maximum Power ConsumptionJapanese model: 200V 3-phase / 0.85kW
North American model: 115V / 0.85kW
European model: 230V / 0.85kW
Weightca. 360kg
Mixer Capacity-
Press Roller Width230mm
Press Roller Diameter210mm
Portions per Hourabout 200
Mid-Scale Model – LS 082I

Richmen Type II

approx. 200 portions per hour

Mid-Scale machine for maximum productivity

Separate 25 kg mixer
Due to this machine’s main point of focus on a high production rate, it does not include a dough mixing machine. We recommend using the 25 kg mixer which is sold separately to reach the maximum level of productivity. Using the same technique as in hand kneading, the Yamato 25 kg mixer offers a perfect balance between mixing time and rotation rate, without damaging the dough (approx. 60 rotations/min).

・US and Japanese models require three-phase power supply.
・Compliant with various worldwide safety standards, permission to use in 30 countries. (CE, NSF/ANSI8, CSA, UL763 certified).