Do you want to make and serve delicious noodles
without hiring an experienced craftsman?

You can let any of your staff make great noodles with

All-in-one Ramen noodle making machine
Richmen Gold

1. Make any of your staff a noodle master

By putting all the complexity into the system, we simplified noodle making to an extent anyone can make great noodles with ease. And, with a bit of practice, anyone can produce quality noodles with consistency.  Making of authentic noodles is now easier than ever.

ramen noodle machine dough sheeting

Automatic dough feeder
Automatic conveyor in sync with dough sensor feeds optimal amount of dough into the rollers (for a roller gap and specific dough condition). This function allows anyone with no experience to make very good sheet of dough without touching dough.
All the other features help users make great noodles with ease and consistency. 

Automatic sheeting

It measures weight of dough sheet and stops sheeting when reaching specified weight

All the operations now visible on display
Mixing time, roller gap, cutter speed, etc. are shown on the panel

Digitally adjust roller gapramen noodle machine - Richmen Gold roller gap
Roller gap can be adjusted digitally and intuitively

Optimal cutting system
It minimizes loss of noodles when changing speed or stopping cutting in the middle

Safety features to protect users from getting injured

ramen noodle machine - Richmen Gold safety sensor Safety sensors on the roller unit have wide range of detection areas. They prevent user’s hands or object from going into the rollers, providing high safety standards.

ramen noodle machine - Richmen Gold Once difficult and cumbersome cleaning of roller scrapers is now made easy and safe. This makes daily operation easy and less time consuming.

2. Offer better noodles at lower costs

If you’re buying noodles from noodle factory and paying them USD0.50 for a portion of noodles, you have a chance of reducing the cost at least by 35%. And, if you’re consuming about 200 portions on daily average, you may have a chance of saving USD10,944 a year. And, of course, you are looking at better numbers if you can sell more a day and at even lower costs. In some cases, it may be possible to pay off the investment in less than a year.
*Please contact us to do cost/profit analysis for free of charge for your situations.

3. Make a variety of great noodles from scratch

freshly made ramen noodles

This machine and Yamato noodle recipes and expertise enable anyone to produce any type(s) of noodles they want to make for a small to large batch size. Yamato provide all the recipes and expertise you need.
Of course, you can decide and control what ingredients you put into your noodles. So, you can explain and educate about your noodles and stand apart from other restaurants in your neighborhood.

Optimal mixing operation for any type of noodlesramen noodle machine - Richmen Gold optimal mixingNew design of mixer tank allows for even better mixing that renders ideal conditioning of dough

Powerful cutting of noodlesramen noodle machine - Richmen Gold freshly cut noodles
The machine is now good at cutting reverse-cut noodles, expanding its repertoire


With just one unit of Richmen machine,
a variety of noodles can be made for different types of soups

ramen noodle machine cutter width
You can easily adjust the thickness or curling of the noodles by changing the cutter unit.
Depending on combination of cutter size/shape and ingredients, it is easy to make any types of noodles from
thin Hakata style noodles with grainy texture to thick and chewy Tsukemen noodles.
It is also possible to make flat noodles like Tagliatelle or Pappardelle.
And, with attachment parts that are mounted on the back of cutter unit, it is easy to make wavy noodles automatically.
You can control the texture, color, flavor, size, ingredients, all yourself.

ramen noodle machine cutter variations

 With the rather wide blade No.5, you can make broad and flat noodles, especially certain types of Pasta.

 Square No.20 cutter is usually for standard Ramen noodles with typical width at 1.5mm.

 Blade No.11(2.7mm width) is a good example for producing thick, but still flat noodles and certain types of tsukemen.

No. 24 or 1.3mm in width is usually used for thin and hard noodles like Hakata/tonkotsu ramen noodles

These are just a few examples of cutter sizes and combinations of ingredients. 

"Is it possible to make this type of noodles?"
"I need an advice on blending of ingredients/noodle recipes" or
any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
We conduct events where you can experience using the machine and try noodles freshly made on the machine.
Please feel free to contact us to see where you can see the demo or experience the machine.

4. Make your restaurant distinctive and memorable

ramen noodle machine cutting and portioning

By showing your customers...

You make your noodles from scratch

Your passion and care to serve healthy and better food

Your restaurant is different from others

By showing how your noodles are made from scratch, you have more trust from your customers, and your customers can now comfortably wait for their bowls of noodles as watching how the noodles are made is fun. And, the noodle machine plays a role of a distinctive/unique feature of your restaurant. So, give your customers something to talk about and remember your restaurant by.

5. We make it very easy for you to start making great noodles

Our group of experts are here to help you
With the machine, Yamato noodle recipes, and a bit of practice, you should be start making your noodles that are far better than ones currently available like a pro. A group of our experts will provide continuous support for your business.

Machine specifications

ramen noodle machine - Richmen Gold

Performance: approx. 170 portions/hour*
(*depending on noodle specs) - 150-250 portions/hour
10kg-mixer (mixes up to 10kg of flour at a time)
Power: single phase 100V*
(*use a proper transformer for different voltage standard)
Min. required space for operation: 2.8m2 (32sqft)
operational measurements: 2 meters x 1.4 meters (6.6 x 1.32 feet)