Production of ramen soup is tough, demanding, and time-consuming.

DON'T waste your time or resources on straining your ramen stock.

We’ve seen many ramen shops spending hours on production of their ramen stocks and another hour just straining them. The job of straining ramen stock is time-consuming and labor-intensive because it sometimes requires 2 people just to manually strain one pot of ramen soup by hand. And, to quicken the straining, ramen workers tend to push the remaining of stock ingredients on a strainer, resulting in small bits of the ingredients remaining in finished stock. This gives ramen stock unpleasant tastes. Worse yet, ramen workers tend to quit quickly after they find out how demanding the job is (especially in production of ramen stocks).

ramen soup straining

Problems and pains in straining of ramen stocks

1. Due to manual production by hand, there’s always unpleasant tastes and/or roughness from the ingredients (poor texture)
2. Time consuming just to strain cooked ramen stocks (depending on the density of stock, it takes over an hour to just strain 60 liters of stock. Especially rich tonkotsu ramen soup with high density and rich chicken paitan ramen stock, etc.)
3. Because workers need to be engaged in this job of straining, which may be very tiring, it tends to adversely affect turnover rate of workers (they are likely to quit)

Ramen Soup Strainer machine/SK20

ramen soup strainer

Making ramen soup easier and better

1. Because the stock is automatically strained evenly by centrifugation system, almost no residuals of ingredients (e.g., pieces of bones, meat, etc.) gets into strained stocks, making the stock very creamy and naturally taste sweet.
2. Once stock with ingredients are put into the machine, the straining itself is automatic. And, it strains 60 liters of pork bone stocks (with density of 8) in

about 5 minutes.

3. As the straining job requires just one person for putting stocks into the machine and throwing away remaining of ingredients, it is not as demanding.
4. With the machine being compact and on casters, it is easily movable.
5. As the main body can be taken apart into small parts, they can all be washed.
6. The machine works on both chicken and pork stocks.
7. In short, this machine saves you time and labor AND makes your ramen soup even better.

Start saving time and labor AND making your ramen soup even better

Production of ramen broths is notoriously time consuming and the biggest reason employee turnover rate is high in ramen restaurant business. Because of this issue, we have worked on equipment to reduce production time of ramen broths. This broth strainer is a compact machine that dramatically reduces time to strain especially dense broths (for example, 60 liters of thick tonkotsu/pork broth with density of 8 can be strained in 5 minutes) It also improves the taste/quality of your ramen broths by minimizing unpleasant tastes that are pushed into the broths from manual straining.

Stop wasting your resources but start saving time and labor
and start making better ramen broth soon.